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Muletown Coffee - Extraordinary coffee for ordinary people

Muletown Coffee started small by roasting out of a garage back in 2013. Their presence in and support of the local community - and in turn, having the support of the community - helped lay the groundwork for what is now a thriving roastery and retail spot.

Their story is much like ours. More importantly, founders Chris Weninegar and Matt Johnson also share our mission and values putting our employees first, as well as being an active part of our local community. It's for these reasons that the decision to partner with them on our coffee program was easy. Plus it helps that their coffee is some of the best we've ever tasted!

Read on to get to know Muletown and Chris a little better!

Muletown Coffee Nashville Biscuit Love

What is Muletown Coffee’s philosophy when it comes to coffee?

People first coffee second. Thats probably how i would put it.  Coffee brings people together, those people not only make our business possible but they also shape our culture.  The French and American revolutions were planned in coffee shops. I could go on and on with why we are a people focused company and would love to anytime, but it comes down to this…we spend a lot of time focusing on people (families, employees, importers, producers, customers). So where does quality come in…simple…I drink our coffee and I love great coffee!  Besides that nothing kills a great conversation like a bad cup of coffee.

What’s your perfect cup of coffee?

My perfect cup of coffee is any great cup (probably our natural processed Colombia San Pascual grown by our friend Pedro Echavarria), brewed perfectly, staring out over a lake somewhere, while laughing and having a great conversation with a friend or any interesting person really.


A cup of crappy coffee, with my dad, made in a mr. coffee :)

If you could only tell our customers one thing about Muletown Coffee, what would you like them to know?

That we are a company that is all about treating people right, and a big part of that for us is working hard to source and roast noticeably better cups of coffee for our customers.

It’s now going on four years since you started, what’s next on the horizon for Muletown Coffee?

Muletown Coffee Tennessee

I don’t even know how we have gotten this far.  So much of this whole journey has been providential, and just sort of a supernatural thing.  So a while back Matt and I rewrote our Personal/founder mission statement which goes something like this…”live life well, stay humble, and be a good stewart of the things God has trusted us with”.  But, If i must give an entrepreneur answer ;)…We are investing in our customers and our people for now.  Next week we are beginning to build out a training center in our roasting facility.  We want to be famous for being the nicest and most knowledgable people in coffee, and we want to create a better, stronger Muletown Coffee

What’s your favorite dish from Biscuit Love?

Shrimp and grits…I didn’t have to think about that one.  I also love the Brussel sprout salad whenever I’m feeling healthy.  

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